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Gabriela War King

writer and journalist

"A heartbreaking documentary series that portrays the terrifying context of modern Mexico, where violence against women has a thousand faces, revealed and hidden; where women go out to search for and help their missing, raped, violated women, extirpated from their lives. and their destinies, without the support of the authorities. A transcendental work by Vanessa Job, Christian Palma and their production team. A complaint that shows in living and festering stories the types of gender violence and the courage of those who decide that something, definitely , has to change. After seeing it I have been moved and committed to the marrow with one of our most painful realities and struggles. And that I hope and hope that happens with the public."


Karina Alvarez

Columnist for El Heraldo de México

"Incredible work, moving, eloquent, Bravo!!!"


Luis Zeron

Lead Editor of Netflix and HBO

"A series made with great courage and heart that opens our eyes to a problem that we have always had in front of us"

Nacho Rodriguez Reyna.jpg

Ignacio Rodriguez Reyna

Journalist. Founding Associate of Fifth Element Lab.

"It is a high-end journalistic work, with shocking scenes; dignified, admirable women, whose stories as victims of violence explain the rage of the young women we see in the streets."

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