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vanessa job


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Mexican journalist, co-director of the documentary series La culpa es mía, which narrates the stories of women survivors of gender violence.


Currently, she is director of documentary pieces for COPAL, Content and Audiovisual Production.


Throughout 20 years of experience in journalism, it has stood out as a multiplatform content generator.


He has been part of the teams of the magazine Emeequis (2009-2012), of the television program Punto de Partida on Televisa (2012-2016), of special reports of Grupo Milenio (2017 to date), where he publishes in the newspaper, the prime time newscast and Podcast area.


In addition, he documents stories for the digital audio platform As It Sounds .  


In 2016, she won second place in the Gender and Justice contest of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation for her audiovisual work entitled Amor en familia (2016) .


She is co-author of the collective books: Between the Ashes, You and I who shared the terrible night, 72 migrants and It will not happen to me.

Christian Palma

Director of photography

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Mexican photographer, editor and audiovisual producer, who 20 years ago fell in love with photography and began his career around the image, initially as a photojournalist to later venture into the production of audiovisual content.  She is passionate about working portraying, telling and creating stories.


In 2015, he founded the production company COPAL with which he develops journalistic, documentary and advertising content and audiovisual productions for public and private initiatives.


During 2020 he participated as a cinematographer and editor of the documentary series "La culpa es mía".

In 2020 he worked as Director of Photography for the feature film "America's family", an American production directed by  Anike Tourse, shot in Mexico and the United States, produced by the pro-migrant organization CHIRLA.

In 2017 and 2018 he participated in the cinematography of the documentary series "La root double", directed by Mardonio Carballo and produced on channel 22 of the Mexican cultural television station.


Cecilia Giron


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Mexican filmmaker specialized in Production. Graduated from the National School of Cinematographic Arts of the UNAM. He has participated in more than 15 feature films, 30 short films, commercials, programs and television series, performing different tasks, among which production and directing assistance stand out.

He has worked with directors and producers such as: María Novaro,  Nacho Ortiz, Maite Argüelles, Juan Carlos Rulfo, Lucía Gajá.


As a producer, she has worked on feature films such as "La Historia Negra del Cine Mexicano" (Winner for Best Feature Film at the LASA Film Festival in 2018), "El Sembrador" (Winner of three

awards at the 16th. International Film Festival of
Morelia, Guerrero de la Prensa, Audience Award for Best Feature Film 2018) and “Frontera Sur” (Winner of the Big Grit Award at the Indie Grits Festival and the Award for Best Documentary Feature Film by the Society for Visual and Media Anthropology in Vancouver Canada, 2019).


Rita Singing


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For some years now, he has conjugated the verb “accompany” and walked alongside the relatives of victims of serious human rights violations who have undertaken processes to search for the truth and access to justice.

Researcher member of the National System of Researchers and activist for the human rights of girls and women.


She has been a professor at several universities and has various publications.



Castle Ale


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She is an educational communicator, so her professional work has been divided between the media and education.

As a journalist, he has published in media such as Esquire, Emeequis, Political Animal, Cambio, Chilango, Quien, El Universal and the Consumer Magazine, among others.


He has also participated in the podcast platform As It Sounds.

She is co-author of Amar a madrazos, The Nobody, I was always at risk and in the collective books: You and I coincided in the terrible night, 43 A life behind each name and Trembles.

She coordinated and edited the book on human trafficking: It's not going to happen to me.

She has experience as a teacher at different levels: kindergarten, primary, university and postgraduate.

She was a fellow of the Press and Democracy Foundation of the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2010. She has a master's degree in Education and a diploma in Education for Peace.

She currently works as a consultant on gender issues and as an independent journalist.

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